Vietnamese from Viettel Global Leaves Nexttel Cameroon

 The Cameroonian network operator called Nexttel is looking for new international strategic partners. This situation has just added to other setbacks of the billionaire Baba Hamadou Danpullo, owner of Nextell.

This follows the departure of the Vietnamese from the company permanently. After the departure of Viettel Global Strategic Partner of Viettel Cameroon, best known by the trade name of Nextell Cameroon, it is left with no choice but to search for new strategic partners.

Viettel Global Leaves Nexttel Cameroon

Vietnamese from Viettel Global Leaves Nexttel Cameroon

After discussions between the shareholders and several trips made to Cameroon by the Vietnamese team, who declared that they would identify all the problems that undermine the company, a delegation of five members of Viettel Global arrived in Yaoundé.

They previously declared that they came to start the network recovery work. Nevertheless, after going around the main regions of the company, they decided to quit Nexttel indefinitely.

The Vietnamese have decided to leave Cameroon and prefer to continue their adventure in other African countries. Applicants who were waiting to get into the capital of this business now have the chance to join it.

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