Cameroon Flights: Stamp Duty Increases From 25,000 F to 40,000F

 During the 2023 financial year, the prices of stamp duty at the airport have increased, according to the 2023 finance bill in parliament.

Cameroon Stamp Duty Increases 

The stamp duty at the airport for international flights in the CEMAC zone increases from 10,000 FCFA to 25,000 FCFA, i.e., an increase of 15,000 F. 

Cameroon Flights: Stamp Duty Increases From 25,000 F to 40,000F

For international flights outside CEMAC, the stamp duty tariff increases from 25,000 FCFA to 40,000 FCFA, an increase of 15,000 FCFA.

In the finance bill for the next financial year, reviewed by Temo News, it is noted that the airport stamp duty for national flights stays the same. It is still fixed at 1,000 FCFA.

In 2018, the stamp price for international flights outside CEMAC had already increased by 15,000 francs, rising from 10,000 to 25,000 FCFA. 

The reason for this increase at the time was the compensation relating, among other things, to the abolition of the 2018 finance bill of the re-taxation of the import of durum wheat at the rate of 5%.

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