Cameroon Government Suspends Some Insurance Brokers

The Ministry of Finance has authorized 115 insurance brokerage companies to present insurance transactions to the public in the application of Book V of the Insurance Code. Provisions are not observed by some service providers in this sector.

Cameroon Government Suspends Some Insurance Brokers

Cameroon Government Suspends Insurance Brokers

The following insurance brokers were suspended in Cameroon:

  •  Aleph Assur Sarl-U 
  • All risk Insurance coverage Sarl 
  • Associated Insurers Sarl
  • AssureProtect Assurance des Monts Bamboutos 
  • Assurtel Sarl Britania Assurance Assistance Sarl 
  • Cameroon Insurance Advisors Capital Insurance S.A. 
  • Colibri Assurances & Conseils Sarl 
  • Consulting Insurance Sarl 
  • Excellence Insurance Fininsur Private Company Ltd 
  • Glory Insurance Sarl Insurance Lloyd AfricaInsurmed S.A.
  •  Light Insurance Sarl-U 
  • Manual and Digital Sarl 
  • Mekit Assurances Sarl 
  • The new generation of insurers 
  • Noverla Robertis Sarl 
  • Paul Balep Assurances Sarl 
  • Pragma Assurances Sarl 
  • Provident Insurance of Cameroon 
  • Renassur S.A Rocassur Sarl Royale 
  • Gestion Assurances Sarl 
  • Saag Insurance Sarl 
  • Sanaga Assurances Sarl 
  • Seguris Assurance Sarl 
  • Vitassur Waguem Insurance Service. 

Who is an Insurance Broker?

An insurance brokerage firm or an insurance broker is an intermediary between an insured and the insurance companies. Its mission is oriented towards advice and the search for the best insurance solutions adapted to the profile of the insured and their needs.

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