How to Download GCE O and A-Level Past Questions & Answers PDF 2024 Cameroon

  How do I get Cameroon GCE Past Questions and Answers? It is simple. Temo News offers GCE Past Questions and Answers online in PDF for free.

Are you in your last stage of Secondary School Education(GCE Ordinary Level or Advanced Level)? If yes, you can now download past papers from the Cameroon GCE Board to assist you with your studies.

How to Download GCE O and A-Level Past Questions and Answers in PDF

Importance of Using GCE Past Papers For Exam Success

Using past questions in preparing for your GCE exam is crucial. By using past exam papers as part of your preparation, you can find out what you already know and, at the same time, find out what you do not know well enough or don’t know.

How to Download GCE O and A-Level Past Questions and Answers?

Use the links below to download or practice the GCE Ordinary and Advanced level past questions with answers online:

  1. Special Bilingual Education French
  2. Geography
  3. Geology
  4. History
  5. Physics
  6. Religious Studies
  7. Computer Science

If the subject you are looking for is not on the above list, follow the two links below to access other subjects:


Cameroon GCE board repeats past questions. Sometimes, the questions are not repeated word for word. However, studying GCE Past Questions for a very long time will give you a complete idea of what to expect in the examination.

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